The French Ecology Minister came to the Gard region to sign officially an Ecologic Transition Contract dedicated to boost the economic recovery of the territory after the shut down of EDF fuel electric plant at Aramon.
This contract holds 30 projects in various areas of the economy among which one from SOCODEI, called So’Gard.
We already spoke about these topics in our So Connect newsletters n°6 and n°7. => online on our website here and here
 To put it in a nutshell, So’Gard is aimed at treating new metallic waste from NPP’s at CENTRACO’s melting unit, with a clear recycling ambition.
 The first type of waste to be treated will be control rods guides.
 A new cutting unit will be built on site to prepare the metal for melting (first operations target date : 2023).
 After signing the contract, the Minister came to visit CENTRACO and discovered SOCODEI’s expertise.