Cyclife in the UK has just finalised the dismantling and decontamination of eight flatrols (rail wagons).
The flatrols were used to transport spent fuel from EDF Energy power station sites in the United Kingdom to Sellafield for reprocessing or storage. Cyclife has previously dismantled and decontaminated eight flatrols between 2015 and 2016 for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Commissioned in the 1960s with a life expectancy of more than 35 years of service, their operational lifetime has now come to an end. The flatrols have been taken to the Cyclife nuclear licensed site in the UK, the Metal Recycling Facility (MRF), in Cumbria in July for dismantling and decontamination.

Cyclife ensured an effective liaison between EDF Energy, Direct Rail Services (DRS), and Sellafield before their receipt, in order to understand the specific project requirements and plan the works accordingly.
Each flatrol weighing approximately 24 tons, was received by the Cyclife nuclear site (MRF), where they were monitored, analysed and treated.
Over 95% of the resulting metal waste from the flatrols was released for onward recycling. Cyclife UK is proud to have won and performed this challenging project.

Unloading of the flatrol

Project Team