Incident impacts
If the exact origin of the fire is not confirmed at this time, it is known that the fire took place where a titanium condenser component cutting operation was being processed. Only the condenser that was directly involved in the fire has been affected.  All other materials and waste inside the facility have been unaffected by the fire.  Furthermore, there have been no effects outside the facility to any materials and waste in storage.
The damages after the fire accident are connected to the insulation material of a wall and parts of the roof construction in the Large Component Treatment facility and parts of the roof in the Hot Cutting hall.
The incident has not resulted in any emissions of radioactivity outside the facility. The event does not cause any risk to the public health or the environment. The Radiation Safety Authority has tentatively classified the event as an anomaly, INES 1, according to the international INES scale for radiological events, which is one of the lowest levels for classification.
Status coming weeks
Incineration, pyrolysis plants and the Non-Nuclear services are running in normal operation since Sunday November 10. Office areas in the melting facility have been taken into operation during Wednesday November 13.
During the upcoming weeks the inspection and assessments from different independent expert companies and external consultants are planned.
During this time there is only limited access to the facility.
We are working to get the complete picture of the damages, we will plan necessary refurbishing activities and measures to restart the operations for material reception and treatment.
Our customers have been contacted and are kept regularly informed of developments.

More information about the incident

At 6 p.m. on Thursday November 7, a fire broke out at the Cyclife Sweden AB waste-metal processing facility located in Nyköping.
There were no casualties.
Monitoring devices installed on-site have not recorded any radioactive emissions. Additional measurements are currently being taken.
The facility was immediately shut down and on-site production activities were suspended.
As soon as the fire was detected, personnel immediately notified the fire brigade and all relevant authorities were informed.