Cyclife Digital Solutions, a subsidiary of Groupe EDF, and Onet Technologies have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of deploying digital solutions to the nuclear industry and contributing to the management of projects in the sector.


As nuclear industry continues its digital transition, both companies have joined their skills to support the sector.

In the nuclear industry, Cyclife Digital Solutions supplies with DEMplus® for nuclear software, a decision support and simulation tool based on real-time 3D technologies, to optimize and secure intervention projects.
Onet Technologies is a pioneer in the implementation of the BIM* Management method applied to the engineering activities of decommissioning projects. Onet Technologies has a large return of experience in management of 3D models, BIM Management, design and modification of installation in decommissioning field.

Both companies are part of major industrial groups and combine their skills to enhance their complementary approaches providing innovative solutions to the technical challenges thanks to digital transition methods and tools: data gathering, facilities management with a long-term vision, decision support, etc. Working areas have been identified: simulation, BIM Management, interfacing of solutions. Before the end of the year, first concrete results are expected.

 *The BIM management method, in the nuclear sector, is a process using a digital 3D model which capitalizes and manages configuration of the technical of a nuclear facility throughout its life cycle. The BIM method allows to create digital twins of facilities in operation or decommissioning phase, moreover, it is a database for prior simulation studies carried out to on-site operations.

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Lire le Communiqué de presse du 26 février 2020

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