From March 22nd to 24th, CYCLIFE participated to the 13th KONTEC, the international Symposium “conditioning of Radioactive Operational & Decommissioning Wastes”, which takes place every two years at Dresden (Germany).

Cyclife made one presentation on behalf of the OECD, on the importance of radiological characterisation. Cyclife Sweden and Socodei also took part in several technical exchanges with current and potential customers and partners.

Cyclife also contributed to the presentation about implementation of Waste Led Decommissioning at a research institute with three accelerator installations in Sweden.

Thanks to proper planning and characterisation it was possible to categorise materials and building structures based on risk for radioactivity. The decommissioning was carried out according to existing waste route. The waste led dismantling followed by treatment and clearance resulted in a minimum of waste for disposal.

Of the 658 tons of waste, classified radioactive, or potentially radioactive:

- 538 were released after measures and without any waste treatment
- 95 were processed by melting before being released

Finally, only 2 tons of waste had to be placed in disposal, as 0,3% of the initial volume waste.

This project was carried out within a very short timeframe, compared to other decommissioning projects of the same type. This project has been a success thanks to a specific team, high project management and effective communication with the regulator.

On the behalf of OECD, Cyclife Sweden presented also in KONTEC the conclusions of a task group composed with members of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)of the OECD on the importance of the radiological characterization into decommissioning.

Established in 2011, this international task group chaired by Arne Larsson (Cyclife Sweden) was mandated to identify and present characterisation good practice and to identify areas that could, or should, be developed further.  This task group has established recommendations regarding the strategies and the practical implementation of radiological characterisation on nuclear facilities.