Our Solutions

Digital Transition

We support the nuclear industry in its digital transition by providing services based on three main pillars:

  • Digital integration
  • Software deployment
  • Digital project

Every customer benefits from the following Cyclife Digital Solutions services:

  • Support in the successful digital transition and the integration of our software into our client's environment. This transition is supported by the training of teams and the presence of Cyclife Digital Solutions employees on site.
  •  Expertise, which is implemented during our interventions in support of the teams to train and accompany them and so that, in turn, our clients' teams have a complete mastery of DEMplus® for nuclear
  •  Digital project, Cyclife Digital Solutions ensures the complete study of a nuclear site thanks to DEMplus® with the support of its network of experts.
  •  Collaboration and our client's teams work together to define and optimise the intervention strategy. DEMplus® is used as a simulation tool and as a support for the optimisation process.

Digital Integration

Success through the digitilization of projects

 We support our clients in their digital transition by providing services to analyse existing processes, define their needs and help them integrate the new tools into their environment.
In order to make this integration a success, Cyclife Digital Solutions puts the skills of its teams at the service of its clients to:

  • The development of specific applications, software bricks, creation of calculation models, gateways with other software, etc.
  • Process analysis
  • Definition of needs
  • Software prototyping

Software Deployment

Implementation of a platform of software solutions to support the digital transition of projects.

The need is defined according to the objectives of the project (number of workstations, access rights, coupling with other applications).

The solution is deployed according to the chosen architecture and the terms of use.

Users are supported in the form of training, support and assistance.

Depending on the demand, specific development is carried out in order to integrate the new digital tools into the customer's environment.

Digital Project

Study and simulation

  • Scenario studies
    • Development of several scenarios with sensitivity studies
    • Selection of the optimal scenario according to the decision criteria
    • Different levels of study: feasibility, preliminary project and achievements
    • Establishment of operating procedures
  • Estimation/Costing
    • Collection, processing and analysis of input data
    • Using our DEMplus® for nuclear software
    • Clear and detailed reporting
  • Value analysis
    • Functional approach
    • Cost breakdown by function
    • Analysis of the most expensive functions
    • Proposition of optimization solutions
    • Facilitation of working groups (expression of need, functional analysis and search for solutions)


  • Flow management
    • Reduction of operating costs
    • Project de-risking
    • Flow optimization
    • Increase in production
    • Planning
    • Hazard reduction

Areas of application

  • Domaines nucléairesNuclear
    • Decommissioning
    • Dismantling
    • New works
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
  • Domaines trainTransport
    • Deconstruction
    • Intervention
  • Domaines cimenterieIndustry
    • Renovation
    • Deconstruction
  • Domaines plateformeOil & gas
    • Oil platform
  • Domaines formationTraining
    • Methodoligical PW
    • Training
    • Pre-operative conditioning