A key player in nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management

Cyclife is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group to assist you in your nuclear decommissioning projects and in the management of your radioactive waste, arising from operation and decommissioning. Cyclife’s decommissioning concept is a waste-led approach.
Cyclife can provide an offer that integrates decommissioning and waste management services.

Our ambition

Cyclife is committed to providing innovative, competitive, bespoke services designed to the needs of our customers and capitalising on the expertise, reputation and strengths of the EDF Group.


Responding to the future's challenges

Cyclife answers the challenges of the decommissioning market and is committed to meet the growing requirements to decontaminate and clear radioactive waste, and to recycle materials from nuclear and research industries in order to preserve storage capacities.

Producing low-carbon electricity from nuclear power and renewable energy sources is a major priority of the EDF Group's raison d'être.
Demonstrating our expertise, efficiency and competency to support the decommissioning and waste management projects throughout the nuclear power plant’s life cycle is one of Cyclife’s strategies.

Our commitments

Cyclife is committed to:

  • Offer a large choice of solutions specifically adapted to the needs of its customers.
  • Develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Promote innovation through its offers, its advice, and its engineering and delivery.
  • Develop technical efficiency.

Discover all of our nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management solutions.
Through responsible commitments:

  • Providing services the entire lifecycle of nuclear facilities.
  • Being a market leader in nuclear safety, industrial safety and environmental protection.
  • Being attractive and develop the skills of its employees.
  • Engaging openly with the stakeholders.